2 channel operation


ive a few questions regarding this, as i have tried and tried to the best of my knowledge, but this is above me at the moment.

i am on the advanced config tab, i see 2 choices for 2 channel, 

1. stand alone and 192,,mixed ops, use rig and software available on channel 2
2 remote and 300 odd, bigger view and software for 1 and 2

my understanding of this is, if i choose option  1. 

  i will have channel one operation on the rig Only, which meand all settings on the Duo rig are applicable, and no settings on the sw2 channel 1 software will be applicable ,,,,and channel 2 remote through sw2 software so mixed operations,,,,is this correct?

if i choose option 2

i will have full remote on channel 1 and 2 with a bigger rx bandwidth to view, and cannot work wsjtx on channel 2 while working ssb cw on channel 1,,,,as all will be using virtual serial and virtual audio.

can i work wsjtx on  channel 1,  while using ssb or cw on  channel 2, or will the tx from either disable the other channel temporarily, i think i can only work 1 tx at a time!,,but multiple receive

please remember although i have owned my duos for a good while i am very limited in sdr and pc applications,,,,,but i do want to learn,,,indefinately

can anyone help

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