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phoekzema Hoekzema

Hi, Peter Wa7MOX here.      I am not set up quite the same here but I can use FLDIGI and WSJT-X at the same time.  I am using WSJT-X as a stand alone on RX1 and VRX2 has FLDigi.  O am not using the VSPE, I have had better luck with COM(0)COM.  I am Using the VBCable (cable A, free Version) for the audio on VRRX2 FLdigi. 


When using the WSJT=X as a stand alone, (Single RX) you do not need to run FDM-SW2.  But to get the additional receivers for other operations, I am running it.


Good Luck.

Peter WA7MOX


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does anyone use vb virtual audio with the duo 

cable A and B,I’ve purchased and I’m thinking maybe I purchased wrong,, and also an unregistered version of VSPE on 64bit average

i cannot get it working after following the Elad application notes, 
really struggling with it

any ideas how to sort this, I’d like to use remote 2 channel and a couple digital modes and fone



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