Newer MD3 Digital AM in North America... Codecs or support for Elad?

Darren Hennig

Hi all, 

Just a quick question for Paul and the gang at Elad. We are starting to see an insurgence of new MD3 mode digital AM in mainly the US, but I cannot find whether this mode will be supported eventually or if it is in work. If it is being planned to be an add on, or there's a third party codec coming, this would be good to know. 

For now it is not an issue, but I can see this creating a real challenge in the not-too-distant future - I really wish DRM had taken hold in N. Am., instead of this goofy IBOC/Ubiquity format. DRM seems to work pretty well in the Elad DUOr, though not a lot of DX stations in the middle of the continent have enough signal to stream well right now. 

Will there be a MD3 support for North America coming shortly, Paul? TIA!
Darren Hennig,
VE4VE - Winnipeg MB Canada
ELAD DUOr/WellBrook ALA-100LNM antenna (4.8m Hexagonal loop) 
CLRdsp (when used standalone)

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