Re: False Errors / Elad Duo ART 100 and FDM

Thanks Essen.

I tried all that. Was 5db initially then set to 2db then zero.  SWR target set to 1; I’ll try 1.3 and see.
Will share the result!


On 22 May 2021, at 22:29, la1rq via <la1rq@...> wrote:

Hi Geoff,

I remember that the target for tuner (menu item 22) is set quite low by default, and the better VSWR you require, the longer it may take. Try to adjust the target i.e. to 1,3, 1.4 ?

Your FDM-Duo might see a lower swr if you use menu item 21 Force Attenuator (input attenuator) to 2 or 3 dB...

And inserting a ticket to support will give you help from the designer. He is able to do remote support on your device when you connect the Duo-ART to internet.

73 de

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