Re: False Errors / Elad Duo ART 100 and FDM


And btw, a software and firmware update or eventually reload might help too.

I have had good experience inserting ticket to Elad Support, specially regarding remote control (which runs via the Duo-ARTs internet connection), it resulted in
1. Giovanni contacted me, and I set up the ART as requested connected to internet, and he made his "magic" and the ART was cured.
2.  I also had a pair of minor issues regarding setup of the EladRemote program, and
3.  Requested CW monitor on internal in PC rather than waiting for tones over internet from the radio 250km away, which worked to some extent,
     but brought up possible problems with USB/interrupt/power, as I had to use an external USB to serial converter and key one of the lines to gnd to make dits and dahs. The Duo made probably correct morse but the sidetone from pc's needs some more development or redesign.

73 de //Espen

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