False Errors / Elad Duo ART 100 and FDM


Hello All...

Seems always something embarking down the Elad path. Today attempting to use CW on this set on 40m kept giving me ‘Too Hi SWR’ error when attempting to tune on the set. It takes 120 secs on auto tune cycle (despite setting fir 45s) and more often than not also results in failure to tune and therefore no power transmitted. Turned the Target SWR setting off; no getting another similar power warning error that disables transmit momentarily.

Disengaged tuner and bypassed ART tuner and still an impossibly high SWR couldn’t transmit.

So, I checked the antenna (resonant EF wire) using my MAT10 tuner and the FDM alone; it’s about 1.5 swr as expected before tuning attempt and so no further tuning took place on MAT10.

I’ve played around with the various ART settings that might apply and also put them all back to their default settings. No go. I tried properly powering down. Same thing. I then disconnected FDM from ART while the unit powered up and reconnected but no signal on waterfall, so powered off and on via front ART panel. Was able to transmit w/ amp initially.

Wondering what’s going on this time! Anyone else struggled with see this? Any ideas please.



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