Re: SW2 software shuts down after random amoutn of time

Ron Hunsicker

I've found that it happens from time to time.  Inconsistently, unpredictably, and without obvious cause.  Last night, for instance, at 0300 local time, the SW2 software was fine.  At 0930 local when I returned to the computer, the software was frozen.  (I believe that it is a software-thing because my S3 did not have to be restarted to resolve the shutdown.)  SW2 stops and holds the appearance of the SW2 window--it freezes with a static image in the SW2 window.  Usually, a rude word or two, shut SW2 down for 15 or 20 seconds, restart, and all is well. Very occasionally, and I have seen this running both an S2 and and S3, the hardware must be shut down and restarted to clear the problem.  Very, very occasionally I have had to reboot my computer, but that was with earlier versions of the SW2 software (running 3.49 here).

SW2 will run happily for days, including sleep modes, in my desktop (which has plenty of grunt) which is on 24/7, thus "occasionally."  "Without obvious cause" because there was no thunder or lightning, Windows last updated on 12 March, Norton did nothing unusual, and I've set the other programs to "ask first." 

Since I rarely record spectrum, the shut-downs are not fatal, just annoying. 


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