Re: FDM-S3 restart after PC restart/power outage - question for support and other S3 users

Andy G4JNT

How about a four pole relay that disconnects the USB and reconnects as needed.   Use a small one (two relays probably to get 4 contacts) and keep wires as short as possible and you shouldn't upset USB operation
 Or opto-coupled AC FET solid state relays

On Thu, 1 Apr 2021 at 14:31, Bjarne Mjelde <bjarne.mjelde@...> wrote:
I have been testing the S3 today, including taking it through some of the situations which happen on a remote, sometimes unaccessible place.
If I do a restart of the PC, or if I simulate a power outage, the FDM-S3 cannot be reached again. I need to unplug and replub the USB cable for it to be visible. I suspect this is due to the Cypress USB bootloader. I experienced identical symptoms when I tested the RX888 last year. It too had a Cypress USB bootloader.

Now, this is a showstopper. However, one should never rule out operator error or other local problems. So if anyone have observed the same, I would like to know. And if Elad is aware of this, I would be very interested in finding a solution, so that the SDR can be connected to after a PC restart or a power outage. This is a number one priority for me if I am to keep the S3.
Bjarne Mjelde
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