New Bourns VFO Encoder

Clint Chron

Over the past 4 years, I have had 3 different Elad Duos.  For various reasons, I sold the first two units - there was nothing wrong with them.  They all had a wobbly VFO knob.  Today, I received my Bourns mechanical encoders from Digikey.  There is no wobble in the shafts.  I pulled my VFO knob and installed it on the new encoder - no wobble.  This is very puzzling.  None of my Duos had very many operating hours.  That would rule out wear and tear on the encoder shaft and bushing.  So either the encoders in the radios had sloppy quality control at the factory or there is something drastically wrong with the encoder housing.  Someone mentioned that the four metal tabs holding the encoder body together could be loose.

I had not planned on replacing my encoder, but now I think that I will need to do that.  Once I get the old encoder out, I should be able to see what is causing the wobbly knob.  If it is loose mounting tabs, then I will use JB Weld to glue the tabs on the new encoder to the body of the encoder.


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