Re: S3 Downconverter Official Update

Paul Jones

I don’t have details yet, but as far as I know, take top case off just like you would to install the filters. Plug in the usb cable to correct internal slot, take out the cover for the antenna, screw in the sma connector and I think there may be a couple of screws to secure the module, replace the cover and install would be complete. I may be wrong, but as soon as I get my unit, I will post exact details. 


On Feb 12, 2021, at 07:49, Ron Hunsicker via <ronhunsi@...> wrote:

Along the way, it was noted that there will be three purchase options:  factory-installed, Paul-installed, and self-installed.

Would you please post the installation instructions so that we can assess if current owners will do-it-themselves or send their S3's to USA HQ for installation?


Ron Hunsicker

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