Re: FDM S3-rx audio #fmd-s3

James Allen

I recently purchased the FDM Duo with the DUO-ART.  I am very happy with the audio both transmit and receive.  I did have some difficulties setting it up for remote operation with SW2 on my desktop PC, but that was mostly with my setup and RF bothering the USB device on the PC.

This is by far the most flexible SDR HF rig that I have found, 


On Thu, Feb 4, 2021 at 5:57 PM hanschristophs <Hans-Christoph@...> wrote:

I´m planning to purchase an SDR radio after many years of using analog radios. One very important point is the audio coming from the rx. I´ve been using a Lowe HF - 150 and this radio sounds great. I´ve had several chances to listen die modern radios and there is plenty of information on the net. Some have good audio but a bad rx, some have a good rx and and bad audio. The Winradio Exalibur seems to have both and maybe other SDRs, which I haven´t come across yet. Can someone please comment on the FDM´s audio?

James Allen

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