Re: FDM-SW2 day of week vs,. swskeds UTC

John Freeman

Yeah, I know I am bumping this old thread, but there was no reply when posted, and I still see the same problem:  FDM-SW2 seems to use the local day of week to filter the station memory list, so it misses the fast that UTC has advanced to the new day 5 hours earlier (for me in EST time zone).   So like the original example, the swskeds csv shows the station schedule from 0000-0200 UTC on sundays, 1900-2100 EST saturday for me.   This station does not show in the list at 1900-2100 saturday for me, unless I manually edit the csv to change s...... to s.....s indicating that it occurs on saturday and sunday.  Then it shows up in the station list in SW2.  

Again I ask, anyone else see this?   Possible to fix?   


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