CW clicks in headset, AGC level, side tone, fatigue operating

David KN2M

I am still new to this radio.  In general, I have found two issues.  No VOX and no QSK.  The VOX I can deal with for now but trying to emulate QSK is a problem.  I have set the CW delay to a very short time ( I think it is 5msec) but it sounds like with the AGC ON (set at 2), the noise in the headset jumps up and down so much the loud clicks are distracting to the point, I am not hearing the side tone and end up guessing as to what I am actually sending.  I tried to set the AGC higher but listening on the low bands sounds better with weak signals with either the AGC off or a low number.  Does anyone have representative settings that provide break-in response time without the distracting pumping or loud key clicks so that I can hear the sidetone??  Thank you.

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