DUO-ART: How do I change the CoaxRTX to RX+TX? #duo-art

john black

I am new at this, so please bear with me.  I just got an FDM-DUO and the ART amplifier.  I have hooked it up as the diagram showed except for any USB cables to a computer. I can get the amp and transceiver to work okay when the amp is set to Generic, but of course I can't use the spectrum display.  When I switch to FDMDUO Interface, the received signal level drops.  If I switch the DUO to 2 antennas, then I have no reception at all.  The amp says "CoaxRTX" and I think that should change, but I can't find how to change it!  
This is just my first problem, but if I can solve this one, I'll be on my way.  

John KB5AG

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