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Otso Ylönen

Hmm... this is all a matter of taste.
I started experimenting with SDRs years ago using HDR SDR and the Console. Also, I had s SDRplay with SDRuno for a while. When I got my first Elad, I did not first know which of the existing options I would settle with. Now, there is no competition: SW2, with all its features and lack of others, is the hands-down winner. Sometimes I still have tried the Console, but I always come back to SW2 when it is time for serious DX.  After all, I spend thouands of hours with FM and MW DXing every year.
The most important area for usability improvements, in my opinion, would be things that make the playback/analysis of IQ recordings easier and smoother. This includes jumping back and worth between files, means of jumping directly to a certain point in time, bookmarking etc. For MW DX, I would really appreciate an improved accuracy for determining station offsets. A plug-in interface for apps like the StationList would be a great improvement for both FM and AM listening.
BTW, of all the SDR programmes I have used, I found the learning curve of the SDuno to be the steepest.
BR, Otso
using FDM-S3 & 2xFDM-S2
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Betreff: Re: [EladSDR] FDM-SW2 Ergonomics
This was my argument when I first got mu DUO;  tried SW2, found it so awful and counter-intuitive I never used it since.

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Hi, one of the frequent criticisms I see of FDM-SW2 is that it is not intuitive to use and comparing top other SDR software, there seems (to me) to be some glaring omissions in the GUI which contribute to this.
Why, for instance, are none of the the "status" icons on the main RX display interactive (i.e. Step, NR, AN, LSB, BW, CFG)? 
Wouldn't the programme be much easier to use if you could just click them to toggle or pop up the list of options, and right click to open relevant Setup page, instead of having to constantly zoom over to the right to search for them in the control panel?
Same applies to ATT, NB, LP, AGC and Threshold, which don't have any indicators in the "status" bar. 
There could even be an option to have the Volume sliders in a horizonal row across the bottom of the main screen, so allowing the right hand panel to be shrunk or hidden if desired. 
Seems a bit of a no brainer to me?

Paul G8NRY






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