SW2 problem

Tony EI8JK

Hi, I have a problem with SW2 in Windows 10
It was all working perfectly with my S3 until I decided to upgrade SW2 to the latest version (the one I was using was downloaded in 2018)
The problem I have is, if I start SW2 with the S3 turned off it will start OK in offline mode.
If I try to start SW2 with the S3 turned on it hangs at ....Loading...
If I click the loading panel Windows reports that SW2 is not responding.

I've looked at past posts with this sort of problem and have tried; uninstalling SW2, deleting all files with "ELAD" in the title, deleting recycle bin, rebooting, and then reinstalling SW2, to no avail.
Any idea what to look for or more importantly, how to fix it?
Thanks, Tony.

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