DUO-ART rx filter rules #duo-art

Jim AJ8S

I am a new DUO-ART-120 owner. I have installed seven bandpass filters in the preselector. If I set the FDM-DUO menu 31 to antenna #2 (which is necessary to use the preselector) then the receiver passes no signals except when one of the bandpass filters is in range and enabled.  That is as expected.

The amplifier came with a bypass card in slot 8. If I enable slot 8 and set it to cover the entire frequency range of the radio then when I tune to a frequency which does not fall in one of the filter passbands I can still receive.

My question:  With it set up like this am I still using the preselector when I tune within the range of one of the enabled filters?

Putting it another way: What rules does the DUO-ART-120 follow when comparing the tuned frequency with the entries in the table? The manual does not explain this.

Thanks and 73

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