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Otso Ylönen

Thank you Bill and Jim for your answers!
What comes to my primary DX laptop, it is a Lenovo P50 that is pretty demanding: It "accepts" the 90W Lenovo Travel Adapter (20V) only when powered off or in sleep mode. The main nuisance of this is that I cannot swap the laptop battery on the fly, which I can if I use a 230V inverter. I assume that the power efficiency or the inverter + AC-DC brick  is worse than that of the Travel Adapter, but I have not made any mesurements. As I have to carry the big batteries to the cottage, I try to keep everything as optimized as possible.
BR, Otso
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Betreff: Re: [EladSDR] S3 mobile use

I would think powering it from a 12v battery would be absolutely fine.. just the same as powering it from a 12v linear power supply as I do.

73. Jim G0OFE

On 20/11/2020 20:58, Otso Ylönen wrote:
Does anyone have experience of using an S3 outside of the power grid? I am wondering how I could use one at my cottage that relies on battery power. So, far I have powered everything with 12V car batteries. This has meant that I cannot charge my laptop while listening (to mediumwaves) because of the interference from step-up converters. Thew S2 has obviously not caused any problems because it gets its power from the laptop.
BR, Otso

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