DUO-ART 120 transmitted signal purity #duo-art

Jim AJ8S

The output of the FDM-DUO is very clean, one of its many virtues.

The specifications for the DUO-ART 120 state that "Output Harmonic / Spurious Distortion > 50 dBc in HF band" but I do not really understand what is being said. Harmonic output is clear but what is "Spurious Distortion?" I would like to know specifically what the two-tone IMD spectrum is at 100+ watts using the FDM-DUO as the driver. How many db down from the amplitude of either of the two tones is the 3rd order product? And how quickly do the higher order products attenuate?

If anyone has this information or has done tests along these lines please let me know. Thanks.

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