Re: S3 arrived

Morris G1PIB

My S3 has arrived .it works as expected just !
I am suffering from the fact that the S3 is an unrecognised  device ..this happens quite often
when powering up the gets there eventually after maybe a couple of reboots ?
I have tried it all my 4 usb3 ports and still have this small problem..
I know my pc is old circa 2012 mobo i5 4core at 3.4Ghz maybe this is the problem
anyone else had this problem..
When it does work no problems at all..
Just waiting for the down convertor now..
Really well built rx ..GNNS logs on even with antenna on shack table !
Device manager shows ports as it should so ..??
Interweb keeps dropping out here so this post maybe repeated for whatever reason !!!
Morris g1pib now  stopped pouring at last...

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