Re: Weird FDM-SW2 Issue

Otso Ylönen

I have the same version of SW2 and I am happy with how the Noise Blanker works at least when listening to daytime mediumwave IQ recordings. While the signal levels are low, there are often "spikes" that distrupt the pleasure of listening. The SW2 NB seems to kill these spikes very efficiently without the loss of overall audio quality. I realized this only recently. My original experience with NB was that it basically does nothing, or breaks the audio totally if the slider is too much to the right. I wonder if there has been some development here? I have not noticed anything strange, but as said, I have not used it in "real time".
BR, Otso
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2020 um 18:38 Uhr
Von: "Jerry" <jerry@...>
Betreff: [EladSDR] Weird FDM-SW2 Issue
I'm running FDM-SW2 v3.045 with an FDM-S2. I'm tuned to 15580 kHz and listening to the VOA in AM mode. Everything sounds normal. When I turn on the noise blanker, the audio from the VOA is mixing with the audio from WWV! I can hear the WWV time ticks and time announcements quite clearly as well as the VOA audio.

What's going on here? I've never had this problem before when using the noise blanker.

I've got a WAV file illustrating this if anyone is interested.

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