Re: Duo with pc headset ssb #eladduo

Vianney Colombat

Hello Mark,

try to uncheck this check box and restart the software.

"Use FDM-DUO TX Control Panel" option activates the "FDM-DUO TX Control" panel which is not fully working.

With this option unchecked, you will use the "FDM-DUO Advanced TX" panel.


Vianney, Elad Italy

Il 26/10/2020 12:15, Mark Wickens ha scritto:
OK, so I tried to check everything from the basics upwards

Here you can see the microphone is working - I am getting a signal on the windows sounds dialog:

Although I have permission for desktop apps to access the microphone device the FDM-Duo software isn't listed as one of the applications that has attempted to use it:

I have the correct devices selected in the TX control panel:

Here are the advanced settings:

Anything else anyone can think of to try?

Thanks for the help, very much appreciate it.
Note that this headset/laptop combo works fine with the SunSDR2 Pro, so the hardware is definitely sound.


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