Re: Duplicates are not allowed in the bw/preset table,..,. warning message

Neil Smith G4DBN

Oooh, if I sort the table with the dupe in, then save, it says "please remove line 9", but if I add it *without* sorting, I just get the "Please check the preset table"

Neil G4DBN

On 24/10/2020 15:34, Dr.Alexander Hahn wrote:
Hi Morris,
thank you, but this did not work here. Last version where this works is 42...
Vy 73, Alex - DH2ID

Am 24.10.2020 um 16:30 schrieb Morris G1PIB via
I had this and found ..if you tab down in the list of bw you will find a second value of the one
you entered...just delete it ..hope understood ? every little helps.
Morris g1pib...swimming in Burnham !!

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