Re: Elad Duo Overload Performance Measurements


On Sat, Oct 17, 2020 at 03:39 PM, Clint Chron wrote:
ARRL is in a difficult position.  The organization exists because of advertising dollar revenue.  If they upset the big manufacturers by writing critical reviews, then ARRL will soon be out of business.  Some radio manufacturers never submitted their radios to QST for testing. 
I don’t know how the ARRL did reviews back in the days when Swan, Collins, and Drake made amateur gear, but nowadays manufacturers don’t “submit their radios to QST for testing”. When QST does a rig review, they buy the rig anonymously through retail channels. This ensures they get a rig representative of production and not one cherry-picked by the manufacturer. After testing the rig, they sell it at auction.

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