Re: Elad Duo Overload Performance Measurements

Klaus Brosche, DK3QN

Hi Clint,

It was ME!

In Sherwoods 'official' list, which he calls 'Receiver Test Data', there is no entry about the DUO.
Thats for sure, I've just checked that list again just a minute ago.

The data published re. the link you've provided are from 2015, as far as the date code is concerned,
and it is totally unclear to me who the
author of this writing was!

This writing is not signed by Sherwood nor does any DUO performance entries show up at
Sherwoods list!

For any performance ratings of the DUO, I'd rather rely on the QST reviews dated May 2016.

IMHO, QST reviews have a coherent testing methodology which is also published and explained.

However, sometimes you need to read 'between the lines' or definitely read their 'sidebars' ;-)

Klaus, DK3QN

Am 17.10.2020 um 16:46 schrieb Clint Chron:

Someone mentioned that there was not any receiver test reports for the Elad Duo on Rob Sherwood's site.  Rob provided test results in this link:

The Elad S2 receiver has the same basic receiver as the Duo.  In this link, Adam Farson provides test results for the S2:

The overload capability of the Elad Duo compares very favorably with other high end SDR radios.  If you add a receiver band pass filter, the overload results are among the best of the class.

Please note that the high end analog transceivers still have better overload performance than most SDR receivers.


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