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Ahh ok :) well it’s a shame there is no native Mac app for this as a Mac user as well as windows and Linux but I think flex have got it wrong by having a. Free app for windows and a pay for app for the flex but as we all know software developers cost lots of money

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It was Paul, 

I was addressing the other Paul (Elad USA) about my experience with the SunSDR. macOS native software but RX lacking compared to FDM-S2.


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I thought it was something to do with apple ;)

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Besides the international standard of 'Q code' abbreviations, there are quite
a number of ham radio specific abbreviations used in CW traffic.
That is to speed up the communication flow.

The word "sorry" in morse code would be sent like this:
...  ---  .-.  .-.  -.--  (5 letters)

"sri" looks like this:
...  .-.  ..   (3 letters)

A list of these specific ham radio abbreviations can be found here:

72, Klaus, DK3QN

Am 17.10.2020 um 15:32 schrieb Paul White:
What am I missing?

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