My harsh response was not warranted.  I apologize to you.  I have always been excited by the idea that there may be a way around the old adage that "The more metal in the air, the better the antenna." Alas it may me true,  but I enjoy hunting for unicorns.  I wasn't trying to talk Denis into selling his home and investing in Mini-whip futures, just trying to convey the kick I get from swimming slightly outside of the mainstream on occasion. In the end whatever works best is the one to go with.

Antennas have been a frustration for me since I moved into a small retirement home with very little open ground for a "real" antenna.  Hence my multi-band vertical. I am still fond of loop antennas including ferrites. I have looked up the new eco-whip you mentioned, and I see on your (?) Facebook page.

By the way your English is excellent.  To use your term, sadly, far better than many native English speakers I know.




On 10/12/2020 2:43 AM, Ron Liekens wrote:

Jim, my 50 years of antenna experience is just to point out that I'm not a rookie ;-) And, yes you rare right about Chinese copies, but the point I wanted to make is that Roelof Bakker keeps the development of the MiniWhip going and it now has a new low voltage model called EcoWhip which is in its second revision. The Ecowhip I now use is only a few weeks old and is the last revision. I have compared it to the former models to find a real improvement in SNR figures, measured and in normal use. I'm so lucky that I can compare it to the other operational antennas to see its true value. Is it the way I wrote that was bothering you? English is not my native language, so I apologize for this.

Ulli, To be honest, the LIRA is working very well, above my expectations and the 200 m short Beverage is working well. Lately I could erect this Beverage to 350 m and its signal output became stronger than expected but the SNR was only marginally better but has not gained compared to the LIRA. When me and some friends are on a weekend trip we use 450 to 550 m Beverages and I have a 53 meter sized LIRA ready to compare, but Covid-19 problems does form a problem here.
The difference of the LIRA against the Beverage is its better suppression of the back and the side lobes. The produced signal is indeed very small but the FDM-S2 is coping with it very well due to its good sensitivity and low noise level. The power of a good SDR. My use of a Beverage and the LIRA is not based on use of the HAM bands so I guess that my vision is a bit different from yours. I will send you some more info via PM.

73' Ron

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