Re: FDM-SW2 Recording -- Empty File

Otso Ylönen

A friend of mine has had the very problem. I will ask what version of SW2 he had when it happened. Anyway, I think it has been either hardware or OS related.
I had it also years ago, but (fingers crossed) it has been ok for quite some time.
BR, Otso
Gesendet: Montag, 12. Oktober 2020 um 18:12 Uhr
Von: "Jerry" <jerry@...>
Betreff: [EladSDR] FDM-SW2 Recording -- Empty File
I set up a scheduled recording (by right clicking on the "record" icon) last night to record the MW band starting at 8:59pm local time on 10/11 and ending at 3:01am local time the next morning (10/12). Center frequency and LO frequency of 1100 kHz. 1536 kHz bandwidth, demod: AM.

I have the maximum file size set to 2GB and the maximum number of files set to 120.

The recording started as expected at 8:59. When I looked at the directory it was saving the files to this morning, I was expecting to see a bunch of 2GB files. Instead, I see a single file named SchedRec_2020_10_12_03_59_00_1110000_FDMSW2_Rec_RF_000.wav with a file size of 0 bytes. It appears from the filename that the first file in the set was created at 0359 UTC (which corresponds to 8:59pm local time), but nothing was saved in it.

This is the first time I've tried recording for more than about an hour. Is there some configuration issue that I'm missing here that would cause the recording to either not to be made or to be zeroed out at the end of the recording period? As a test, I set up a scheduled recording this morning with the same parameters (except start and end times) and it's been running for about 25 minutes now and I see several 2GB files in the recordings directory, so it seems to be working, but it remains to be seen whether the files are still there after the recording ends.

System: 16-core AMD Threadripper CPU, 128 GB RAM, Samsung 960 Pro SSD, Windows 10 Pro. The system is set to never go to sleep.
Receiver: FDM-S2
Software: FDM-SW2 v3.027

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