Otso Ylönen

Hi Denis,
I have mostly used my four S2s for FM DX. However, two years ago I got the change to spread out a few beverage antennas in a QRM free area. Those have a terminating resistor and 4:1 baluns. For a preamp I use DX Engineering RPA-2. S2 has performed very well with these and I have captured hundreds of Trans-Atlantic stations during these two seasons.
The main complaint I have with S2 in mediumwave (AM broadcast) frequencies is the relativly poor frequency accuracy. I have calibrated each of the unit, but it seems to be impossible to have them exactly adjusted even across the mediumwave band (530-1700 kHz): the error is in the order of +/-2 to 4 Hz depending on the individual unit.  Better accuracy would help in identifying stations based on their offsets.
This listing shows the first 2500 logs created with the help of this setup:
BR, Otso (Finland)
Gesendet: Dienstag, 06. Oktober 2020 um 17:05 Uhr
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Betreff: [EladSDR] ELAD FDM-S2
Have had the above sdr for 6 months now,  and I am interested in who has tried various hf antennas, and what one has proved to be most effective.  I am using an end fed 50 foot wire, at 30 feet from the chimney base,  with a 9:1` balun.

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