Re: S3 manual & specs

Tony EI8JK

Hi Chris
Sorry, I assumed nobody in Europe has received an S3 yet.
Are you saying that it is just me?
73 Tony.

On 03/10/2020 13:56, Chris Mackerell wrote:
Hi Tony

Surely this should be a question you should be asking of Martyn Lynch
rather than this Elad users list?

Much as we'd like to help I suspect none of us has a spare S3 :-)

73 Chris

On 2020-10-04 01:50, Tony EI8JK wrote:
What's happening to the European S3 deliveries? The US has had at least one delivery but none yet in Europe (where they are made!)
I've had one on pre-order with Martin Lynch for a couple of months, but no sign of actually getting one yet.

Hopefully very soon, hint hint :-)

73, Tony, EI8JK

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