Re: S3 manual & specs

Tony EI8JK

What's happening to the European S3 deliveries? The US has had at least one delivery but none yet in Europe (where they are made!)
I've had one on pre-order with Martin Lynch for a couple of months, but no sign of actually getting one yet.

Hopefully very soon, hint hint :-)

73, Tony, EI8JK

On 03/10/2020 12:51, Chris Mackerell wrote:
Yep, just tried to buy an S3 and got nowhere. The site needs some

Not that I need an S3 - my DUOr is doing all I need, but the
website still needs fixing.

Cheers, Chris

On 2020-10-04 00:41, Ron Liekens wrote:
Paul, what is happening with the commercial European Elad website? The sales pages are not available as the site says that a new website is coming soon, but it is lasting for many months. Maybe you can ask Franco as you are in close contact as I believe. E-mails are not responded.

73' Ronget

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