Re: Power Supply for FDM-S3

Richard Langley

I interpret the request as for a good power supply. It would be a good idea if ELAD USA were to offer a good linear power supply in their available products list.

-- Richard Langley

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Sent: October 2, 2020 5:23 PM
Subject: Re: [EladSDR] Power Supply for FDM-S3

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What kind of advice are you asking for, I'm uncertain:

* for an ELAD radio
*for a power supply?

Klaus, DK3QN

Am 02.10.2020 um 22:02 schrieb Ralph Brandi:
I read the manual yesterday, and that was enough to convince me to pull
the trigger on a pre-order. Looks to me like the performance at HF is
equivalent to the FDM-S2, and well-improved at VHF.

So now I need to get a power supply. I've been looking for a few days,
but haven't really dealt with a radio that needed an external supply
like this. There are relatively inexpensive linear power supplies on
eBay designed for audiophile applications, and then there are the
ham-related supplies I see at some of the radio dealers online. Does
anyone have any suggestions on this topic? What are other people using
for power supplies? Elad doesn't seem to have said anything on this
other than "needs power supply, not included".

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