Re: ART DUO TUNE / Panadapter Display anomaly

Vianney Colombat

It probably happens because the FDM-DUO doesn't assert the PTT OUT (which goes to the DUO-ART PTT IN) during TUNE mode. I guess menu 25 of the DUO-ART is "Force To No" and so menu 56 of the FDM-DUO is "NO". Note that enabling PTT OUT during TUNE mode will enable the Power Amplifier of the DUO-ART, you can adjust the FDM-DUO power output during TUNE mode with menu 55 of the FDM-DUO.


Il 09/09/2020 13:51, G8NRY ha scritto:

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Hi all, I have my DUO-ART 60 set in View 4 to show the Panadapter and switch to FWD/REV meters when I transmit. All works as expected.
But when I start the TUNE sequence the display stays in Panadapter (Receive) mode and doesn't switch to the power meter display like it does in any other TX mode.
I can see the FWD/REV power changing on the FDM-DUO display, but not on the actual ATU/PA which seems a bit of an oversight at least!
Is this a configuration issue or a limitation with the ART software?
73 Paul

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