Re: Looking for duo art #duo-art

Kevin Larcombe


Are you still looking for a DUO ART?

I have a 120w with ATU that is a month old tomorrow, I'm seriously thinking about parting with it before it gets covered in dust, I'm keeping the FDM-DUO, and I have ordered another radio for remote use. (Perhaps the one I should have ordered to start with, lesson learned I guess)

The amplifier is very impressive as a product but sadly let down by poor integration. The issue for me is that the DUO-ART doesn't integrate with the SW2 software nor is there any other way of controlling it other than via EladRemote, There is no way I can fit the ART in the rack beside my desk and have control of it or monitor the status of it whilst operating in the shack. This can only be done with the EladRemote which  means reconfiguring the USB cables for local/remote use.

Note: I'm not knocking the software that Giovanni has written, but I gave up attempts to get EladRemote working due to the ART hardware limitations. 

I have ordered some boards to build an amplifier that I can put in the rack, and use a simple desktop GUI for status monitoring and control. (hopefully I can get an EXTIO-232) I think it would have been reasonable to expect Elad to provide this for the ART, or at least some simple examples to get me going. (Of course easier If there was a way of controlling it by USB rather than Ethernet)

If I haven't put you off let me know, I just wouldn't want you falling into the same trap!

Kevin GW0PUH

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