New Option In v3.038 - Recording Speed

Bill Nollman

From the info.txt file (below) the “Recording Speed” options (Normal, Above_Normal, High, Realtime, Critical) look a lot like Windows process Priority settings. Is that what this is for or is it something different? If this is Windows Priority it would be better named that instead of Recording Speed.



Bill Nollman

Farmington, CT




--> Version 3.038 / July 8, 2020

  - FDM-S3:

    1. new DLLs (ELAD_DspLib_v2_0_12_0_2 and ExtIOmc_ELAD_FDMS3_v1_3_0_2) 

    2. added recording priority, to set recording priority click on SET, go to

       the "Recorder/Player" tab, select the "Recording Speed" value and then

       click Apply or OK (this setting is done only during recording, for

       standard acquisition mode or PLAY-FILE mode everything works as previous

       software versions)


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