Re: USA FDM-s3

Paul Jones

Sorry USA and Canada my mistake.

On Sep 14, 2020, at 12:50, Richard Langley <> wrote:

Canadians, too, or really just Americans?
-- Richard Langley

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On Sep 14, 2020, at 1:30 PM, Paul Jones via <> wrote:

⚠ External message: Use caution.
Production has begun.....

USA customers ONLY. No deposit PreOrder

Later today I’ll be setting up a preorder for the s3 two versions one with txco, one with oxco so that we can get an idea of who wants what, once shipments come to me I’ll send a PayPal request for payment. This is the first time we have done pre-orders, radios will be fullfilled in order that preorder comes in.

I’ll try and get full specs by tomorrow.

Fdm-s3-t txco version $960
Fdm-s3-o oxco version $1180
Gpspo. GPS antenna preorder $20

Please setup a user account rather than a guest account do that we can capture your email etc.

I’ll advise once items are set up, for USA customers, this will be your fastest way to get hold of the s3

Paul EladUSA

Ps First batch arrives in USA Wednesday and are txco models, will be available on website by Thursday (hopefully)

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