Re: Remote Operation of Elad FDM-S2

Otso Ylönen


TeamViewer has recently behaved quite well. It used to have a lot of audio isaues. If I have problems with it I use Anydesk, instead.

I have never even tried Elad Remote because I want to handle several other DX apps when using my receiver remotely: rotator control, Sony XDR-GTK, note taking and logging etc.

BR, Otso

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    After some time i decided to have a look to Elad web server for new devs for my S2. It was a bit sad to see that there is not so much new. Elad web server is still quite limited. It controls frequency, mode and bandwith only. The spectrum is very small and badly readable, there is no possibility to record or transfer files or to make any setting. It's almost not usable. My hope was to be able to place my S2 is a quite/remote place and to fully control it from the noisy apartment in town. Yes, I know teamviewer but apparently I'm not able to solve some issues with it (poor/no audio transfer), I'm looking for something more specific for SDRs.

Do you see other options to have a good dedicated software to control a remote S2 these days ? 

Thank you so much for suggestions, bye !


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