Re: "sdr_elad" Linux sampler - does anybody have it? #fdm-s2 #linux

Giovanni Franza

Hi Antony,
this is what I've done some time ago for GQRX and S1/S2/DUO on MAC
Launching the program it sets the environment for GQRX,
loads (if needed on S1/S2) firmware,
starts reception to extract I/Q samples,
launches GQRX and uses TCP/IP for commands between GQRX and ELAD device.
It has a problem with frequency tuning by clicking on the waterfall, so do not use this feature.
(the problem is related to the management of center frequency, and hardware frequency and
cannot be solved without the help of GQRX programmers)
Hope this helps,

Giovanni - HB9EIK

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