"sdr_elad" Linux sampler - does anybody have it? #fdm-s2 #linux

Kevin Smallman

Hi there,

One of the reasons I invested in an SDR was to be able to make recordings on certain frequencies during the night.
I can see that the FDM-SW2 software provides this functionality, unfortunately I run Linux and it's annoying to maybe resort to installing a parallel Windows installation just for this one piece of software.

It looks like GNU Radio could do this, but I'd have to do a fair amount of work just to create this simple function.

At the moment I have GQRX working well for normal listening.  I found what I thought was the answer in a blog post by Michele Costantino here:  https://www.iu5hes.com/2016/10/08/elad-fdm-s2-linux-sampler-an-iq-sampler-for-linux-users-192k-only-at-the-moment

...but the links seem to have expired.  This seems to have been a semi-official bit of code he got from an Elad developer.

If anybody reads this and can send me that tool - "sdr_elad" - then thanks in advance.  It would be great to just set the firmware and use a simple command to specify a frequency and time to record, that's what Linux is supposed to be for.

I can't believe no-ones done this already.

Best regards,


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