Re: FDM-DUO feature suggestion #elad

Giovanni Franza

Hi all,
you can find another release attached.
This has been tested with a DJControlCompact to develop various types of CAT commands.
The file init.txt has the following fields (divided by a blenk character)
bank (hex) to allow complex devices to be used
key (hex) to link the command with a "key" (or slider, or jog)
event: T for toggle, S for switch, V for sliders/knobs, M for jogs (T and S are usful for keys, V for knobs that send a "level", M for jogs that send step CW/CCW)
CAT1 (used for all commands)
CAT2 (used only for 'T' commands)
multiplier used to range the 'V' from the 0-127 midi range to the needed range for CAT (it is used, only in this version, as "initial default" for jogs)
trigger (0 or 7f) used to distinguish key down from key up for 'T' and 'S' events
It seems complex but the esample can be of help.
This program is working, with a problem: if you use the joggle rotating it quickly, after some moments, the frequency on the DUO freezes.
This means that we have to manage the frequency avoiding too many commande on the USB: this is the next step :-)

Have fun,

Giovanni - HB9EIK

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