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Otso Ylönen

Is this specific to DUO or should IT work also with FDM rceivers?

BR, Otso
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On 2.8.2020, 22.19 Giovanni Franza <gfranza@...> wrote:

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Hi to all,
included you can find a tar file with a first "working" example.
Unpack the file using
tar xvzf midi-0.3.tgz
to obtain a folder called midi-0.3
enter this folder using
cd midi-0.3
then compile using
make clear all
to see the program options use
./play -h
to see the available midi devices use
./play -l
to launch with debug use something like
./play -d 1 -m 3 -n /dev/ttyUSB0 -s 115200
-d 1 means a lot of debug
-m 3 means midi device #3 (don't use 3 but a correct number for your system - see ./play -l )
-n /dev/ttyUSB0 meand that is the CAT device
-s 115200 is the CAT speed (see DUO menu #70 CAT BAUD)
The program reads the file init.txt to associate keys to CAT commands: it is a text file.
Note that in init.txt the key number is decimal while in the debug of pressed keys it is hex, sorry :-)
My example is used with a M-AUDIO keyboard and associate the first two keys to Low pass filter on/off
The purpose of this program is to letyou test:
1) compiler and libraries on your PC
2) midi keyboard codes
3) usb link with FDM DUO
This program do not have slider or knob control (I'm working on this).
This program do not "learn" which command, you must write init.txt (next days I'll provide a "learning function"
Hope this can help, feel free to ask if anything not clear,

Have fun,

Giovanni - HB9EIK

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