Re: FDM-DUO feature suggestion #elad

Klaus Brosche

Fully agree with you, Antony, at least to the greater extent, as far as the FW update process is concerned.

For a 'Version 2' of the Duo (IF it happens to become a real product), imho, a more user-friendly update process
is mandatory! I could live with an external USB connector update process, as a 'basic' means for updating the DUO (V2)
without the need for opening the housing.
W-Lan update, e.g.,  is, of course, even more user-friendly:

I have a MicSig tBook Tablet Scope (TO1152Plus) with integrated W-Lan. I can update the Scopes FW via W-Lan.
Pretty cool.

On top of that, for a 'Version 2' of the DUO:
1. make the housing somewhat bigger so that it can take the pre-selector PCBs, avoiding that 2nd Box w/ cable inter-connect.
2. as the housing/frontpanel can be made larger, the front panel could also provide additional direct entry
buttons for often-used functions, preferably configurable by the individual user.
3. use more sturdy / higher mechanical quality parts for the encoders, esp. VFO encoder.

So far, my quick wish list ;-)

Else: I *LOVE* this little radio, great job ELAD guys!

Klaus, DK3QN

Am 24.07.2020 um 09:31 schrieb Antony Watts via

Can I throw another need into the ring? Updating software. The FDM-DUO (and I suppose its successors) are fundamentally built on good, updatable, software.

But there is no mechanism for doing this updating - except the absurd method of a download of files, opening up the box and connection to 3 USB ports and pushing of buttons. This is the dark ages.

So if we are talking about adding yet more software to the mix, then we must add a proper update system. For example a WiFi interface on the radio, through which it can be AUTOMATICALLY updated.

Thought: if we had a Wifi interface it could do almost all other interfacing and remote control etc...


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