Re: windows 2004 update, with duo and wsjtx

Michael Boudreaux

Hi, I had lots of trouble with the update. It caused loss of sound. After much searching I discovered I was getting a USB not enough resources issue.  I discovered my USB drivers on my PC were out of date. I upgraded them to the latest driver and my problem was solved. seems the new windows 2004 has usb problems with older drivers. Not an easy thing to diagnosis. So please update All your drivers in your system. This took lots of time to diagnose. 73 Mike vk3xz

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hi Neil

the radio is working fantastic otherwise, "i think"!!,
i never really use standalone, if standalone means just the rig power, mic and antenna attached.
 its always connected to pc, i have had various contacts today using the radio with standard mic attached
and all leads runnung to elad software which is running. And as usual i get glorious audio reports
all displays look good, And yes my screen image is similar to yours

ive always struggled a bit with the wsjtx,,,and i do have the dreaded "not enough resources warning" again, whuch haunts me on this laptop

im not using a usb hub, my pc is an acer nitro 5 8th gen i5 and 8 gb ram, its a gaming laptop so quite powerful. Im afraid i do not know what usb ports  are in it


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