Re: Using advanced tx features. Need Help!

Michael Boudreaux

Hi Group,
 I am struggling getting SW2 to work in any way with the transmit option. I managed to get a 1.5 Watt signal( usb and FM) yesterday but that was at 100% levels set everywhere so could nor reach anywheres near the 8 Watts of my units ability. in tune I get the full power out 8 watts. Mostly  the Mic only producing 4 Milliwatts!  I am  sure it is a usb or windows 10 selection issue. am Using latest Elad Software/Firmware and Latest Windows 10 Home.I have always run in stand alone mode and never had an  issue. but sw2 has been another story to get going. could someone provide the proper settings for using my USB Microphone , My FDM Duo and SW2 Normal and Advance settings. I have spent nearly 2 weeks on and off and no success. I am nearly at Wits end! Please Someone show me the error of my ways! vk3xz Cheers Mick

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Subject: [EladSDR] Using advanced tx features.


managed to get the advanced tx features to work using the duo mic via duo ( using sw2.)

gives me equaliser, compressor etc..only thing that does not work is the waveform..( do not care!)

HOWEVER..if i enable tx adv i lose duo VFO on the shows LOCKED OP..( as well as SP.) and can only change freq via pc..

how can i get the vfo on duo to work? Works fine if tx adv off..

I suspect i doing something silly..though having said that i have read on here that  tx adv only work with mic USB IN, yet it does work with stock duo mic..

thank you Simon

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