Re: Phase noise or front end overload #elad

Clint Chron

Hi Patrick,


My band stop filter notches out all frequencies in the range of 550 KHz to 1600 KHz.   A high pass filter would also work to get rid of the AM broadcast station overload, but I wanted to listen to the frequencies of 200 KHz to 500 KHz.  It might be difficult to come up with a solution without knowing the source of your overload.  An occasional ADC Clip flash might not be indicative of your overload situation.






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Subject: Re: [EladSDR] Phase noise or front end overload #elad


Hey Clint, thanks for responding. Gosh with so much crowding during field day I don't think I could answer those questions. I see the ADC flash now and then, always have, I thought I heard that was "normal". Didn't notice the DUO PK light but I'll start to look.

Your last comment, what is that, a high pass filter that blocks anything lower than 160 meters? Tell me about the filter!

Thanks and 73,
Patrick KM5L

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