Re: Phase noise or front end overload #elad

Clint Chron

Hi Patrick,


If the problem signal was adjacent band, then external band pass filters will most likely help.  You need to know the source of the signal that was causing the problem.  If the signal was in-band, then a band pass filter will probably not help.

Did you see the “PK” light on the front of the Duo or the ADC Clip light on the SW-2 software?


At my home QTH, I get overload from the strong AM broadcast stations that are about 12 miles from my house.  I have an external AM band-stop filter on my Duo that gets rid of the overload.






From: [] On Behalf Of Patrick Bouldin KM5L
Sent: Sunday, July 12, 2020 7:33 AM
Subject: [EladSDR] Phase noise or front end overload #elad



Hey I started out using the FDM DUO for Field day, almost all CW. Had to stop because with so much traffic something was creating a lot of phase noise, or just overload of some kind.

Have others experienced this? I don't have any of the external bandpass filters, maybe this will solve, what do you think?

Patrick KM5L

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