Re: ART-120 Failure

Heinz-Juergen Kronemeyer

Between Power Switch and Power Plug ist a Fuse Holder. Check that First. I had the Same Error some time ago. In my Case, it was a faulty C in the Power Supply. I had to sent it to Elad for Service.

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From: Charles Ristorcelli <nn3vham@...>
Sent: Fr., 10 Juli 2020 1:49
Subject: [EladSDR] ART-120 Failure

Was in the middle of a QSO with ELAD-FDM DUO/ART-120.

I use ART-120 as power source for FDM-DUO.

Suddenly ART-120 shut off.

Input power to ART-120 is strong and operational.

Turned ART-120 off and on again using rear main power switch on ART-120.

ART-120 still dead.

Is there a fuse inside the ART-120? There is none on rear.

Hate to think I need to ship to manufacturer for repair. But if I have to, I guess it is what it is.


73 de NN3V

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