Re: New beta version v3.037

Otso Ylönen

Like said before, I also like the large frequency display and would like to have larger display of playback time, too. Now I have to use a magnifier with my hi-res laptop to verify the time I am at!
BR, Otso
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 08. Juli 2020 um 22:57 Uhr
Von: "Paul Jones" <support@...>
Betreff: Re: [EladSDR] New beta version v3.037
I think there is a newer version being worked on to support the extra S3 options like the gps support etc. 
Personally i prefer the larger frequency display much better if running hires displays or 4K display makes it easier to read....
Also I haven’t got my new S3 yet, and I still have to produce the new help videos that explain all the great features of the S3
Hope to have it next week, also great news for the S2 owners, you should be able to use the 50mhz to 2ghz add on which is an external box... Available late summer, stay tuned.. 16bit up to 2ghz great for L-band etc....
Paul EladUSA 

On Jul 8, 2020, at 12:52, Pete <p.briggs.surface@...> wrote:
Will v3.037 be formalized before or after availability of the S3s?? Will it be required for the S3s??
Impatient customers want to know!!


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