Re: FDM-DUO with low power drive BLF188 / eb104 solid state type amplifer? #fdm-duo #eladduo

Marko Myllymaki

I'm using FDM-Duo with Juma PA1000.  Mostly with FT8 at 700 W out with reduced voltage 50 volts on LDMOS 1x BLF188.  If I put normal LDMOS voltage 55 volts (it is menu selection in amplifier), then can get 900W-1kW out on CW with FDM-Duo drive.  Take a look at specs, it is very small and light, ideal for DX peditions or travel.  Bit pricey and noisy, but you can also remote it and have it at distance if noise is problem.

I also have RF-Kit2k+ with 2x BLF189 and it would work too but usually I have it on my K3 radio, so have not operated very much it with FDM-Duo.  With 13 dB pad I have in it it would not give me full legal power on all bands like 15m and up, but probably on lower bands it will get full legal power out with drive levels of FDM-Duo.  And internal pad could be changed to 10 dB or something like that.  RF-Kit that DX Engineering is selling will probably have bigger pad in it and will require more drive.  
73 de Marko N5ZO

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