Re: FDM-DUO with low power drive BLF188 / eb104 solid state type amplifer? #fdm-duo #eladduo



I have..

I have a blf188xr amp setup for 100w in..( yeasu driver.) homebrew..based on eb104 modules.

All i did to use on duo was have added seperate tx in connector for the duo( or Hermes lite 2 . sma. So no mistakes.)

Added a switch to toggle between 100w in and 8w in .
The switch shorts out the 10db 100w pad and switches between the rf inputs.
I used relays to do this..

Depending upon what you have will depend upon output power from i get is 600w..

This is because of the 7db attenuator built into the protection unit..( eb104.)

I am in process of building a 100w amp for the duo..this is to drive the blf188xr amp to 1kw and also the homebrew 1.5kw ussr triode amp..( but then will use the 100w in on blf188xr amp.)

Ask for more information..Simon

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